16 July 2008


So...the whole point of labeling the last post "North" was that three days after we returned from Beyond, we flew "South" to Costa Rica with Stephanie and Reid. I am sure the contrast has been lost in my delay, but here are a few images from our trip.

First stop, Volcano Arenal in La Fortuna.

Cyrus ate arroz con pollo a lot on the trip. He claims this one (his first and most interesting) was the best.

Catarata de la Fortuna

Next, we spent 2 days in the mountains exploring the cloud forest. We took a guided walking tour too see the forest from below and then we took a zip line tour to see the forest from above.

I have plenty more pictures from the forest if you want to see them...I was fascinated by the diversity of life - plants and animals...as a Biology geek I was in heaven.


Hanging bridges

Cyrus has no fear

Abbie was a bit more cautious

Greasy from the pulleys and the rain, but worth it.

Don Juan's coffee plantation. We toured and tasted coffee grown in the mountains of Costa Rica. We even met Don Juan, although we were too star-struck to say much.

flower from a coffee plant

storing dried beans

Reid and Abbie separating coffee beans from the husk

Next we headed to the Pacific coast and Ian and April Foster joined us for a night.

Unfortunately, this was the only turtle we saw.

But my iguana friend hung out by the pool one afternoon.

We spent five days exploring different beaches...

Harassing the crabs....

Making sand angels...

and boogey-boarding! (this was the best part)

To travel between beaches in the rainy season you have to cross a few rivers...here we are checking it out before.

And Reid bravely driving through....good memories.

Thanks for a great trip Steph and Reid!

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