30 August 2006

Our Wedding - August 19, 2006

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Cyrus' father is a very talented photographer. He spent most of his time in Red Lodge behind the camera documenting the event and people. These photographs are a great gift to us as it is an authentic representation of our wedding. Thank you Ian. It was Ian who started this blog as a way for us to share these photos with our family and friends. We hope to continue sharing as we adventure together in life.

Thanks for the great signs Dad!

Pastor Tad

Tad, Steven and Cyrus

Cyrus and his nephew, Steven

Lookin' good

Our Best Man, Reid

The Groom

Waiting to see Abbie for the first time...

Oh My!

Our Moms

Father of the Bride

One of the better ideas we had...Since we were married in Luther, MT (about 20 minutes from Red Lodge) we rented a bus to drive guests to the wedding site and back to the reception. Before the wedding, the wedding party rode out early. What follows are some of my favorite portraits.


Maybe a little nervous

But Happy

Stephanie, Matron of Honor






Abbie's Mom racing past the bus




Abbie's brother, Tim
Abbie and Steph
Jess, suprised by the bride
Mom checking out the view

the wedding site

Tim and Jacob, our musical friends Tad, our pastor
Sue B.
It's hard walking in heels down a dirt road

My girls looking beautiful
Dad and I arriving in the carriage We had a great time riding down the hill. We talked the whole way, laughed and enjoyed the moments before the ceremony together.
I got really nervous when we got closer to the crowd. There were so many friends and family members gathered in Luther, Montana. Many of the people I had not seen yet and I was overwhelmed by their presence. Thank you all for making it such a special day.

Taking it all in....I am pretty sure I wasn't breathing at this time.
Morgan and Rebekah

Beautiful Mom
GG drove all the way from California to be with us