20 December 2007


About 5 months ago two babes entered our life.
The first came in the form of an adorable labradoodle puppy named Miles. Lucky for us, we took care of Miles for 2 of the first 4 weeks he was in his new home. We are his surrogate parents. He knows our names, knows our house and we like him a lot.

A few weeks later, Micah joined our Tacoma family.

He's quite adorable too.

These two babes have brought us much joy and laughter in the last 5 months. Both their parents are a few of our favorite people and we love the new additions.

Last weekend I had a "you know life has changed" moment. On Saturday, Steph, Kelly and I went snowshoeing, with Miles and Micah. My car was full of snowshoes, boots, backpacks and now a car seat and a dog! The trip was fantastic. It had snowed 2 feet the night before so we had plenty of fresh snow to trudge through. Watching Miles in the snow for the first time was hysterical.

And Micah in his snowsuit was a precious sight.


I have played more, laughed more, and taken more days to spend time with people (and dogs) since the arrival of these two guys. For that, I am thankful.