24 July 2010

First Part of Summer

It has been a long time since we last dropped a note. Please forgive us, for we have been busy playing, hiring people, changing jobs, making swings, going to Beyond, and trying to stay away from electronics.

I, CB, went on a climbing trip with my friend Eric Mann, albeit unsuccessful but fun not the less. We attempted Chair Peak in the Cascades, just north of Snoqualmie Ski Area. The snow conditions were very unfavorable and it was more difficult on the approach than expected.

Below is a shot with Chair Peak in the background. The South Face is shown, and we were going to climb the North Face. We had a close call, but everything turned out ok. Great views and definitely a climb for another day.

A few weeks after that Abbie, Roscoe and I went to a great winery on the Columbia River called Cave B. The sunsets were amazing and the views were sweeping and beautiful. We tried to take a family picture, but it didn't work so well.

Columbia River in the middle and Cave B at right.

Roscoe had some fun too. He loves to swim...but only if we throw a stick for him.

And if he is really good, he gets some ice cream.

We went camping and climbing after our stay at Cave B, here is a picture of The Feathers at Frenchman's Coulee near Vantage, WA.
After camping and climbing, we headed home.

Roscoe helped up put in some blueberry bushes, which have already produced some berries. They will really be ready in August and September.
We will write more later in the summer to share all our other fun adventures.

Motivate. Educate. Activate.

For now, this is CB...well I guess I will always be CB but you know what I mean.