08 June 2009

Absolutely Floored

Monday Morning. 8:28 am. No Coffee...yet. Sun up and rising.

I want to say all students are amazing, but I lack the emotional and intellectual capacity to make that statement. However, I have been fortunate to work with some incredible students at Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA), which is the high school I have been teaching at for the past two years. Instead of write it myself, I will let you hear what others had to say...their words could be more believable.

From Left to Right: Isaac Solverson, Mac Tadie (back ground), Jake Stortini, Logan Jones, Joe Holcomb.

Above article is from the Tacoma Weekly Volcano

Link to the Washington State University Article.

I am inspired to work hard, plan diligently, and be creative with many more students. And hopefully, they will become inspired as well to create into the future.