21 March 2009

a new season

Winter has passed and we forgot to share our pictures and stories. So here is a recap: better late than never.

Winter officially hit Tacoma a week early. Snowstorms caused Winter break to begin 3 days early so we hit the road and drove to Montana to meet Mom, Dad, Tim and Theo (dog) for a week in Red Lodge.

Roscoe loved the car ride and mostly sat with his front paws on the middle console so he could look at the open road. We were able to visit Ian and April and Cody, Beth and Greta in Missoula for a day. It was great to see everyone; the new family member and a new home.

We were greeted in Luther with snow and horses. It was a beautiful place to be. We cut our own tree, made delicious food, drank hot chocolate, skied cross country and down the slopes, spent time with family and played in the snow with Roscoe and Theo. It was as wonderful as it sounds.

Roscoe couldn't believe all the open space to run - right out the front door!

The tree

I love Big Sky Country

The road home...with a tired puppy in the back

As for 2009, we have been busy but with nothing as picturesque as Montana. We have filled our days with teaching math and science and our evenings with the gym, reading, cooking, watching Northern Exposure and 30 Rock. Our weekends have hosted visitors (Abbie's Dad and Cyrus' Mom), Sunday night dinners and Beyond selection committee meetings. We painted our living room and office, went backcountry skiing, rock climbing and downhill skiing too.

Roscoe broke his fifth digit on his front left paw. He had a splint and was on house arrest for 6 weeks. He's finally back to normal and we are too. The days are longer and we're outside more often. We are back to running and going to the park, endlessly throwing the ball for him to chase.

And Abbie got a new bike (thanks to a wonderful husband and generous family and friends). I can't wait to ride more as the weather improves. Pictures to come soon.

Wishing you all a happy spring!