02 April 2008

A Very Fine House

Roscoe got his own house yesterday. He was sitting in it by himself and then I ran to get the camera. Of course, he followed me, so Cyrus had to get in to pose for the picture. He hasn't spent much time in the house yet, but it's been so sunny this week! Wait until it rains Roscoe, then you'll be thankful.

01 April 2008

More or Less

Roscoe has been part of the brown team for a week now. Here are some of my reflections:

We get up earlier on days we don't have to work
We get out of bed faster
I am usually happier when I wake up because he is there to greet me (wanting me to feed him and then throw the ball)
I spend less time getting ready in the morning
We spend more time playing fetch (getting in shape for softball season)
I care less about how I look
I have more mud on my clothes
We have dog hair on everything we own
We spend a lot more time outside (even when it's raining and snowing)
We spend less time in front of the computer
I have visited more parks in the last week than I usually do in a month
We eat at the table more often (he lays at our feed and doesn't beg)
There is more dirt in the house
We spend more time cleaning the house
I have been referred to as "mom" for the first time
I have referred to Cyrus as "dad" for the first time

Synposis: Life is better with a dog around. We'll keep him.