25 November 2008

What is Green and Brown?

Fall + Tacoma = Rain

Big Maple Tree + Fall = Lots of leaves

[(Wire mesh + Cedar boards)*
(Leaves + Correct Food Scraps) + TLC ]^Time =
Awesome Homemade Compost to go in the new garden beds

Our New Compost Bin: Made from mostly recycled materials

Our New garden beds: made of fir 2x8s. I did want to make them out of cedar, but that was a little expensive for us right now.

Roscoe wanting to get on the other side of the fence. I think he is giving me the evil eye. Can't you see it....

I had the amazing opportunity to go to the regional NSTA (National Science Teacher Association) conference in Portland, OR this last weekend. Picture this: thousands of nerdy science teachers, who all have the maturity of an 8 year-old and the intellect of a rocket engineer, descend on one of the greatest cities in the nation. Portland has great people, great sites, great coffee, and great beer.

To my fortune I was able to tour OHSU's (Oregon Health Science University) new LEED Platinum Certified building, which was incredible. We toured the building with one of the main architects who worked on the project. By combining about a dozen different technologies and techniques this building uses 60% less energy compared to a building of similar size and use. Meaning: If a building of similar size and use used 100 units of energy, this new Platinum Certified building would use 40 units! It also has its own waste water treatment facility, so it dumps no waste water into the Portland system. Not only is it efficient, it's a sophisticated and inviting place to visit. I have been totally jazzed after seeing this building and learning about the creativity of many different people out in the world.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving. Cyrus

18 November 2008


This is the newest member of the Stevens Family.

And this may be the best picture I have ever seen

I am glad to know Whiskey loves being a big brother...

Congratulations Sean and Shannon!

14 November 2008


Good company....Roscoe and Miles