15 August 2008

Abbie 5, Roscoe 3

Most of the time I love our dog. I think he's cute, handsome, extremely playful, loving and mostly loyal.

I also love my vegetable garden. I got inspired while teaching plant biology this year and reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Plant biology became much more interesting when I had the possibility of growing my own food (since acquiring a yard!).

I am a novice. Cyrus helped build the garden and I sowed most of the seeds in the greenhouse at school. (A few basil plants died and I replaced them with starts from the farmer's market.) I have enjoyed the process of watching the plants grow and begin to produce food. Although with our cool summer I am not too confident about the harvest I will get. But zucchini are easy, said to be great for a novice gardener. My friend Kelly grew a zucchini bigger than her baby last summer. I can do this.

I have been successful. My two zucchini plants are huge (pictures to come soon). And last week I picked my first two zucchini, grilled and ate them that very same day. Delicious rewards. The other day I picked two more zucchini, brought them into the kitchen and left them on the counter. Within 2 minutes I heard a "thud" and ran to the kitchen. One zucchini on the floor, one zucchini missing!

Roscoe had the missing zucchini in the front yard and was tearing it to pieces, as if it were a bone. I was shocked and amused so I let him have it. (He doesn't eat it, just tears it into pieces).

Apparently he had a good time. A few moments ago I was in the garden, harvesting zucchini for dinner. While I was reaching for a squash in the back, he grabbed a zucchini from my dish and ran across the yard - taunting me. Already ruined, I ran inside to grab the camera and capture the moment. I race outside to see the first zucchini on the step and Roscoe standing over my dish in the garden contemplating another bite. I do my best "I'm not mad, come over to me, I have something better" voice and call him to me. It works. I give him the first zucchini and snap these pictures.

Notice the top he took off already, on the left.

Unfortunately, I was too late. When I returned to my garden I discovered a nail mark in another zucchini! I managed to salvage two for myself. At this rate maybe I won't have to worry about not being able to eat all the zucchini. I just hope he doesn't learn how to eat them off the plant.

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Stephanie Hellekson said...

Oh, Roscoe...you are so love-a-ble. :) Miles misses you, get better soon.