16 July 2008


As soon as we finished teaching we drove to Beyond to lead Guide Training, affectionately known as "10-Day". We climbed Sun Peak and completed a lot of training along the way. This is a view of the peak from Sun City (camp night 1).

Contact Lakes campsite

Looking for a crevasse to use for training

Success! We had a great day for crevasse rescue training and a beautiful crevasse to jump in.

Lunch break

Inside the crevasse

Sunny days...views of Mt. Albert, the Bon Bon glacier and Smithman's Ridge

Summits of JJ and Sun Peak

Crossing the summit ridge

We LOVED being in the mountains. It was the best way to transition after another school year. The Beyond staff is full of wonderfully talented and compassionate people. I am excited for the work they are doing this summer.


kmoody said...

i love the new look of your blog! and your amazing pictures=)

and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

Hi Abbie and Cyrus! I too love the new look of your blog and am so honored to be on your blog roll!!
I have to admit I check your blog all the time and love finding new updates on the brown team!! Sounds like you guys had a blast with Beyond!! Kiss the Northwest ground for me, I miss it!