14 December 2009

bits and pieces

I have been reading a blog called Habit lately. It is a collection of women who take photographs of everyday life and share them, with a few thoughts. My daily readings cause me to pause more often in my own life, something I hope to make more of a habit. I have thought many times about sharing images and thoughts here...I meant to do this along the way but here it is all at once.
I treasure sunny days. Late fall gave us many this year and we spent many evenings and weekend mornings at the new dog park in town. He never tires of the ball.
We discovered the old trains during a visit with my parents. Exploring is one of my favorite pastimes.
Barking Frog: I love the name and the food too.
We were tourists in Woodinville. It was good to drive an hour and feel like you're on vacation.
This was one Christmas tree adventure to remember! I am so thankful for tradition and people to create it with.

Every year I miss the advent wreath...this year I decided to make my own. I am so glad I did.
I love Saturday morning breakfast. Cyrus is the best pancake flipper in town.
A winter wonderland magical vacation to Lake Quinault

I love the snow.
May this season be a time to stop, enjoy, reflect and anticipate.


and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

What a beautiful post Abbie! Love the pictures and they accompanying thoughts and bits of wisdom. Happy Holidays!

The Eyes said...

eeeek! These are great! Keep it up!

Bear said...

Abbie, great pictures and wonderful thoughts. I know it's work but keep it up. You remind me of your dad back in the 1970's (boy are we old).

As always, my best to you and Cyrus.


Lauren Miller said...


I love this post, your pictures are amazing and they do make me stop and think. Beautiful!

I love the way you live your life. miss you lots and lots.