05 November 2009

Simple Living

It's hard to believe we have already been home two months - the same amount of time we were gone. So, although they are long overdue, here are some moments we wanted to share from our summer. We lived simply in the rugged coastal mountains of British Columbia at Beyond Malibu. We didn't take our camera out much, but here are some images from a dress-up dinner on the dock, life around base camp and 10-day (guide training).

This was etched into the wall of our cabin. A good reminder to live fully every day.
James is always good for a laugh
Our lovely head chef, Jillian
Yes, they were like this all summer...
Kjel and Annika
Sarah and Lauren

All of us at base camp
a rough life

Tyler and James

His favorite past time

Jeff and Finley
Where the journey always begins and ends...Egmont BC
It will be good to return again someday


Cat said...

LOVE the pic of you both....can I have a copy?

Also want a copy of Roscoe on the dock, please!

love, momcat

Kate said...

Somehow I just came across the Brown blog via the Beyond blog...what a treat it was to be reminded of all the beautiful people at Beyond...miss you two!