01 April 2008

More or Less

Roscoe has been part of the brown team for a week now. Here are some of my reflections:

We get up earlier on days we don't have to work
We get out of bed faster
I am usually happier when I wake up because he is there to greet me (wanting me to feed him and then throw the ball)
I spend less time getting ready in the morning
We spend more time playing fetch (getting in shape for softball season)
I care less about how I look
I have more mud on my clothes
We have dog hair on everything we own
We spend a lot more time outside (even when it's raining and snowing)
We spend less time in front of the computer
I have visited more parks in the last week than I usually do in a month
We eat at the table more often (he lays at our feed and doesn't beg)
There is more dirt in the house
We spend more time cleaning the house
I have been referred to as "mom" for the first time
I have referred to Cyrus as "dad" for the first time

Synposis: Life is better with a dog around. We'll keep him.


Lauren Miller said...

I love these changes and I love Roscoe. I needed him last week, thanks for lending me your dog. He already plays an important role in everyone's life.

Annie Pfriem said...

Are you guys sure your not pregnant? J/K...

You however are half way there...We are so glad we got Sunny before Sahale :O)I suggest everyone have a dog before they have kids... Can't wait to meet the cute pooch!