28 March 2008

Day 3: Snowing!!!?

"There's no crying in baseball!" Tom Hanks, League of Their Own. I thought there was no snowing in April, but here we are March 28th and it is full on, no holds bard snowing in Tacoma. Global warming is definitely not happening (that was sarcasm). Talked to my friend Andy today, who is a geologist doing consulting work for WSDOT on Snoqualmie Pass, and right now they have the second deepest snow pack in recorded history on the pass. I don't think we will be hurting for water this summer, or we will be washed away in flash floods later this spring. Either way, the probability for a drought is about 0.0001 (nerd alert!).
Roscoe is calming down some. Day Three looks like playing fetch out side, following me around the house and realizing the I am completely boring then laying down to nap. This is a good change.

My business advice for the day: invest in desalinization plants and low flow toilets in the Southwest then snowplows and snow tires in the Northwest.

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The Eyes said...

nice idea with the blogging, got to document this crazy snowy stuff! PS Roscoe is great and if I were around this weekend I'd come play! Happy Spring (winter??) break!