27 August 2007

Sunday Night Dinners

The History:
Four years ago, we had just graduated from college and spent our second summer in Canada as mountain guides for Beyond. I spent the month of September living in Montana and Cyrus started coaching the UPS crew team. In October I returned to Tacoma and lived in an attic apartment with Stephanie. And we met Beth. Beth was an intern for TCM that year. The three of us began to spend every Monday night together. We would have Beth over for dinner and then sometimes walk to Frisko Freeze for milkshakes and we talked all night. We met every Monday until Beth left Tacoma and I went back to Beyond for the summer.

When Cyrus and I returned from Beyond after our third summer we celebrated Steph and Reid's marriage (3 years tomorrow!) and we began dating. Steph and I continued our Monday night tradition, now including Reid and Cyrus. The four of us ate dinner together regularly through the first year of their marriage and our dating relationship.

Our Current Group:
In the past two years our dinner group has grown. Jacob and Kelly, Abby and Tim, Andy and Elisa have rounded out the group. I am not sure we can grow much larger since no one has a table large enough! Although Steph and Reid now have a dog, Miles, and Jacob and Kelly have added baby Micah - but they don't take up a spot at the table. Oh, and we now meet on Sunday nights.

How It Works:
We rotate hosting duties every week. The hosts provide the main dish and ask the rest of us to bring something to share. Usually we are assigned drinks, side dish, salad or dessert. I love to cook and read cookbooks, so Sunday Night Dinner is the perfect excuse to pour over my latest issue of Cooking Light or my favorite cookbooks to find the perfect dish. This is also the reason Cyrus and I asked for a table and chairs for a wedding present (thank you Stevens family).

Our Own Tradition:
We will continue to gather every Sunday, including guests (family and friends) whenever they come to visit. The few hours on Sunday evenings are my favorite time of the week. Our little group has shared life events including; new jobs, old jobs, marriages, new homes, home projects, a baby, pets, church, vacations, holiday celebrations, and grad. school. I look forward to more Sundays and spending time with the friends that have shaped our life here in Tacoma.


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