13 August 2007

Our Honeymoon

We are about to celebrate our one year anniversary.
And we finally learned how to add to this website. So, we thought we would start our own posts with our trip to Banff.
We will not try to fill in the entire year but share some highlights and then move forward into year #2!
We broke up our two days of driving by
go karting outside of Glacier National Park

Abbie and Cyrus on their way to Banff...

and happily married!

Cyrus at Olive Lake, Kootenay NP

Castle Mountain, Banff Canada

Crags above SE side of Lake Louise, Banff

Looking SW across Lake Louise.
Mt. Temple to the up and left, Mt. Victoria up and right in the clouds. Abbie and I bought our first rope from an Australian working in Banff for the summer. had been waiting all summer for the purchase and had a great time climbing on the cliffs on the right of this picture. Good view from the top!
Glacial silt into Lake Louise.
Cyrus is pretty sure this is what give the
lake its amazing baby blue color.
Looking NE across Lake Louise to the Chateau de Lake Louise.

Chateau de Lake Louise. It's really different to see a large resort in a national park, because we are not used to seeing this in the states.

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