06 February 2010

Food I am loving right now ...

This pancake recipe. Finally pancakes that keep me full until lunch. The first time I made them without blueberries, I will never make that mistake again.

This pizza dough recipe is at the top of my list for pizza or calzones. It's slightly sweet thanks to the honey and wine. And it's light yet it doesn't fall apart - even when I make calzones and stretch to fit it over the endless toppings I stuff inside.

I made this Mexican Souffle last Sunday evening and ate it every morning for breakfast until I ran out on Thursday. Cyrus had some too. I am going to make it again next weekend for friends.

Who knew brussel sprouts could be so good! I didn't grow up eating this vegetable. In fact, I can remember which table I was sitting at upstairs in the SUB the first time I tried them. I have received several batches in the CSA this winter and I am making another batch of these tonight.

And although it's long gone, this recipe for Black Bean Soup is the easiest and tastiest I have found. I skipped the fancy toppings and stuck to sour cream - maybe next time.


and i think to myself...what a wonderful world said...

ooooh Abbie - these recipes all look so delicious and so easy!! Thank you so much for sharing!

The Eyes said...

mmm can't wait to try these! I just finished my chocolate beet pudding cakes....DANG. miss you!

Alyson said...

we found your blog here in guatemala, and it is so fun to get a glimpse of your life, even a pic of your kitchen! no spices other than hot pepper here, so we'll have to wait, but i loved dreaming about making these recipes when we come home...yummy. hope you are both well! - aly (and steven)