28 August 2008

"Packs On"

the title is a phrase from our beyond days. it is one of our favorite things to do. we got out a few times this summer with packs on. enjoy the scenery.

elisa and wilder

abby o'issacson

andy and wilder

hiking through tubal cain meadows

camp at buckhorn lake

wilder and roscoe wrestling in camp

roscoe thought the firepit was quite comfortable

on the trail up to marmot pass

roscoe was so excited when we hit a small snow patch on the way up to the pass

he tried rolling in it but the backpack didn't help much

it was hilarious
he knows snow is the best stuff to hike in, up or down

family pic

handsome hiker

tubal cain meadows

a day hike to noble knob



Brian said...

Nice pics of Olympic Backpacking Abbie! I'm jealous. Glad to see that Roscoe and Wilder could go with you. Maybe Roscoe got inspired by the trail dog pictures I sent you with the spoon! (That is, if you showed them to him...:) You should enter his smiling doggie face (the Bliss photo) into this year's contest... Thanks for letting us in on your adventures!


The Eyes said...

ooh, nice. Let's see some San Diego and weekend camping pics soon! We miss you guys and having someone to go do stuff with!

Dave and Michelle said...

Hey Abbie and Cy,
Congrats on 2 years!
Dave and I will be 4 years in Nov! Ain't marriage the greatest!
DId you know that I have a blog too.
Check out davenmichelle.blogspot.com although I need to update it!

Love Mitch