08 November 2007


Fall was full. It often felt overwhelming between making our new house a home and working with new students. Many days we were both tired and crabby which may be why I haven't added a post in awhile. But now that I sit down to share stories from the past few months I am reminded that life is not too hard. Work is part of life. Owning a home is good. We have great friends.
Steph and I in the forest

Earlier this fall we escaped Tacoma for a rainy weekend with some of our favorite friends. We spent the weekend at Lake Quinault Lodge in the Olympic National Forest. The Lodge curves with the lake, poised at the top of a hill to maximize the views.

You can see the smoke rising from the lodge's fireplace. We spent most of the rainy weekend inside, next to the fireplace, with all the other guests. We ventured outside for a few hours each day, only to return to the warm fire. Sunday morning I urged the group to go for a hike in the pouring rain. It was one of those epic adventures where we hiked a lot longer than we planned, we got a bit lost, we were soaking wet and dreaming of the fire at the lodge. But it is my favorite memory from the weekend. I am lucky my friends like to adventure.

Cyrus and I after the long, rainy hike. Happy to be out of the rain.

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