24 November 2007


Needing to work off our turkey dinner and celebrate Abby O's birthday we went to Kopachuch State Park on Friday morning. The air was crisp, the paths covered in leaves and the views were bright and blue. A great place to go exploring.

Abbie & Miles, Mom & Theo

Theo, Mom, Miles, Abbie and Dad looking at the Olympic Mountains

Having out-of-town visitors always pushes us to do new things. We had never been out to Kopachuck, but I want to go back already. After a leftovers lunch, we went downtown Tacoma to the Glass Museum. Theo wore his red service dog cape and was great with all the people around. The best part was watching a team of glassmakers attempting the largest blown glass Christmas ornament. There were about 12 people in the hotshop along with a teacher to explain what they were doing. They made a pink ball that was 32 inches in diameter - the largest one ever made. The next day another team was going to try to beat their record. All creations are being donated to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma.

Thanks for a great weekend Mom and Dad (and Theo).

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