29 August 2006

The Rehearsal Dinner - August 18, 2006



Making beautiful boquets for the rehearsal dinner tables

Morgan helping out


Sue B.

Life's tough in Red Lodge

Sue, Morgan, Eileen, Tia, Emily and Rebekah

Just practicing

I love this valley.

Father of the Bride

Our moms

Cyrus and GG.

Allow me to explain the shirt...In the Stevens family those that marry into the family are called outlaws (not inlaws). The night before each wedding the new outlaw is inducted into the clan. Cyrus was given this shirt and a matching hat. My aunt Susan led the group in song. It was all highly entertaining. A good family tradition.

The Brown's: Ian, GG, Cyrus, Andrew, Steven, Rebekah and Sue

It's official...at least according to the state of Montana

I was so blessed that my god-father, Steve, was able to come to Montana. He was my dad's college roomate and claims that 35 years ago they had hair like Cyrus' cousins!

Jen was inducted as an outlaw only a month earlier so they decided to embarrass her again.

I know, there are a lot of us! But each of the friends in our wedding represented a different part of life to us as individuals and as a couple. It was important that they were each part of our day. Thank you all.

I am so proud to be a member of the Stevens family.

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